Product Overview

Designed using IDEO’s user-centered philosophy, OI Engine’s intuitive interface makes it easy to start collaborating.

Simple, step-by-step process

An OI Engine innovation challenge is built upon a series of simple steps. Each step guides participants through the design process and helps them experience a sense of progress along the way.

Works the way
you do

You can structure innovation challenges to match the way your organization works. It’s easy to customize OI Engine with your own language and have the look and feel of your brand.

Designed for humans

We think innovation happens best when you’re having fun. OI Engine uses notifications, “@ mentions”, and other communication methods to help create an engaging experience for everyone.

Powerful idea management

We provide robust evaluation tools to help guide the idea evaluation process. You can be confident that you’re moving the best concepts forward.

Grow creative confidence

Collaborating on OI Engine boosts creative confidence. As individuals contribute to innovation challenges over time, their journey to design thinking mastery is tracked by IDEO’s Design Quotient.

IDEO know-how

OI Engine’s proprietary knowledge base contains hundreds of best practices, tools, templates, and resources for collaborative innovation. From prototyping tips to community-building best practices to technical hacks, it’s here for you.

Hosted in the Cloud
OI Engine is brought to you via secure and safe cloud hosting
No matter where you go, collaboration happens
Our responsive interface makes OI Engine a great experience on any screen size, helping people contribute anytime, anywhere
Always Available
OI Engine runs on ISO-certified Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’re proud of our 99.9% average uptime rating
Works with your existing systems
It’s easy to connect OI Engine to your single sign-on system and other applications via APIs. We also support social media logins
Knowledge is Power
Learn about your community and optimise their engagement with our suite of reports
Tailored to your brand
With powerful customization options, OI Engine can help deliver the brand experience you need out in the world
Head in the right direction
Identify and understand the most promising innovations using community feedback and our idea selection tools
Build community
Build communities as you create innovative ideas. OI Engine helps forge teams across time and distance

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