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Helping teams grow their customer-centric culture across geographies and business units

Imagine you show up to work after your company just went through a $2 billion merger and get an invitation from the CEO asking you to help shape the future of the company. This is what happened when Umpqua acquired Sterling Financial Corporation in 2014, doubling its size and resulting in the creation of the West Coast’s largest community bank overnight. Embracing its mission to be ‘the world’s greatest bank’, CEO Ray Davis seized the moment to reinvest in design thinking across the organisation


At the centre of Umpqua’s success is a vibrant and inspiring culture that encourages associates to do what’s right for their customers. The merger risked to weaken this culture so Umpqua tackled the challenge head on and gave a voice to all employees – empowering them to actively shape the future of the organisation. The OI Engine platform helped teams from across geographies and hierarchies focus on and grow their customer-centric culture through collaborative challenges, with the first one resulting in the redesign of the onboarding process for new associates.


The CEO’s enthusiastic backing, together with the integration of the conversation within Umpqua’s intranet, led to unprecedented participation of 74% and a strengthened sense of community among employees. Umpqua recognised that its associates are often closest to the customers – and thus in the best position to identify smart solutions and discover opportunities to create new and extraordinary experiences for their customers.

What's next?

Umpqua continues to host challenges on the platform with new ideas emerging and evolving. One became the theme of a whole new challenge that was recently launched, continuing to enhance the importance of Umpqua’s work culture and pursuit of excellence.

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