Engaging a global workforce to address the opportunities of urban growth

As part of its ongoing innovation activities, Shell decided to explore the value of open innovation with OI Engine. The goal was for staff to be able to contribute beyond their specific roles and across traditional cultural or organisational silos.


Shell initially ran a three-month long challenge. They invited over 2000 global staff to share insights and ideas around a specific topic – one of the largest brainstorming exercises of its kind ever undertaken by the company. The pilot challenge was focused on an important global issue: rapid urbanisation and the resultant challenges and opportunities. By engaging their global workforce, Shell was able to tap into diverse knowledge and experience to foster a stronger culture of collaborative innovation.


By the end of the pilot exercise, hundreds of insights around needs and existing Shell endeavours were shared. Not only were valuable ideas generated but the experience and the platform itself were viewed very positively by participants. Shell has subsequently run a second successful challenge with OI Engine.

What's next?
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2000 global staff

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