Multi-media Telco

Enabling far-flung business units to focus on shared customer needs

Our client is on a mission to transform from one of their nation’s leading telcos into a mobile-led multi-media company. As part of their innovation drive into this space, they approached OI Engine to help them unlock collaborative innovation across departments, locations and hierarchies. 


They initially ran a pilot challenge which asked How might we enhance people’s lives in the home? By tackling a broad topic, they were able to maximise the design thinking process which starts with exploring human-centered insights then converges on select themes and evaluates shortlisted ideas against desirability, feasibility and fit. Five top ideas emerged which are now being refined further with the support of relevant departments. The pilot drew significant participation which can be built upon for future collaborative innovation pursuits.


The power of sharing weekly updates and challenge data with all participants created a sense of community belonging. Impressive iterations across a range of approaches were unleashed during the Refinement phase – inspiring future directions for prototype support. The pilot has allowed the challenge team to understand multiple onward opportunities for using OI Engine – for both select business units and for engaging the whole company.

What's next?

The challenge team are exploring department-specific challenges alongside new topics which will engage a wider community across departments. Taking a long view, they have committed to capacity building on sustainable innovation and design thinking in the form of various training modules across the organisation. They’ve also introduced the role of  innovation coaches to support along the way.


How might we use challenges to focus our entire organisation or specific business units on customer needs?

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