Heidrick & Struggles

Creating a winning strategy by facilitating a global conversation

What do you do when disruption is on your doorstep and you know you need to innovate rapidly? Heidrick and Struggles (H&S) specialises in executive search, culture shaping and leadership consulting. Facing disruptions from new players on the block like LinkedIn, H&S turned to OI Engine in search of a radical way to stay competitive. Their OI Engine platform facilitated a big conversation across H&S globally in the form of a challenge question: How might we reduce our search time by a third?


Collaborative teams formed between people who had never worked together before, often separated by time zones and oceans. High potential ideas were collectively explored for further development and viability. Five winning ideas were announced which focused on customer service enhancements, better internal knowledge sharing and process innovation. With backing from senior partners at H&S, implementation teams formed around the five ideas which were all rolled out for prototyping within six months.


Alongside online brainstorming guided by IDEO’s innovation process, respective H&S global offices were energized by local challenge ‘champions,’ whose role was to nurture collaboration with contagious enthusiasm both on and offline. Lunchtime brainstorms drew enthusiastic participation and led to some of the strongest ideas submitted to the challenge. This combination of online and offline fuels bigger, bolder, more impactful solutions than either would alone.

What's next?
Executive Search
1 year
1500 staff

Umpqua Bank
Multi-media Telco

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