Global Airline

Capturing insights from front-line employees to improve the inflight customer experience

A multinational airline came to IDEO seeking a way to capture insights from cabin crew in order to improve onboard service and efficiency. We devised a branded OI Engine platform which enabled them to share issues, perspectives and ideas around the initial challenge question: How might we re-imagine the cabin experience?


Since 2011, this airline has run over 20 innovation challenges, tackling both operational and strategic issues. Over 20,000 of their cabin crew remain active on OI Engine – a participation rate of more than 80%. Initial participation on the OI Engine challenge led to a 7% increase in customer satisfaction in its first month. That’s not all – cabin crew work satisfaction soared as they were able to voice issues they deal with on a daily basis. This was so successful for the catering team that they set a monthly menu challenge which has led to significant cost reduction and limited waste.


By using an guided innovation methodology that values optimism and collaborative creativity, OI Engine offered a way to facilitate constructive conversations with employees. They were able to extend beyond just identifying problems but also actively seeking solutions and ways to deliver them. OI Engine has helped the airline generate significant cost savings while increasing both customer and employee satisfaction.

What's next?

The airline continues to run challenges on their OI Engine platform tackling both operational and strategic issues.  

5 years +
22K crew

Umpqua Bank
Multi-media Telco

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