Collaborative Innovation

Innovation breakthroughs happen when your organization collaborates across disciplines, silos, and time zones.

OI Engine lets everyone participate in creative problem-solving. It gives you greater insights from your employees, clients and customers so you’re always stay one step ahead of your competition. We call this collaborative innovation.


Design thinking for everyone

We’ve poured four decades of IDEO know-how into OI Engine. Working on our platform, your community collaborates through online challenges using our proven design thinking process. Here’s how it works:

Your community shares insights and stories of analogous solutions to learn and inspire each other around the challenge topic
In true IDEO fashion, your community builds on the ideas of others to generate innovative concepts – which a lone genius could never have discovered
Select the best concepts to be refined using iterative loops of prototyping and feedback from real humans. Design thinking at its best
Ask your entire collaborative community – and even a panel of experts – to provide actionable feedback on the refined ideas
Top Ideas
Identify concepts with the greatest potential, and celebrate the ideas that shine
Energize your community with stories of implementation and impact. Real innovators ship!

Research phase

Invite your community to explore the challenge topic by submitting stories, insight, learnings and existing solutions.

Ideas phase

Your community will then use what they’ve learnt in the previous phase to come up with a multitude of ideas and solutions.

Refinement & Evaluation

A selection of the best ideas are improved through testing, prototyping and feedback from the community & experts. 

Top ideas

Announce and celebrate your top ideas – those with the most potential for impact.

Impact phase

Keep your community in the loop with stories of implementation and impact.

We know

Engagement is key

You can't just give people a tool and expect them to use it. Our team of engagement specialists will help you run successful collaborative challenges with your network. 

Don’t get ready, get started

We’re much more than a software tool. As part of our service, our collaborative innovation consulting team works with you to help transform your vision into reality. They’re experts in design thinking, organizational transformation, and online community engagement. All in the name of helping your teams make an impact in the world.

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