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Who we are

We’re a software product by IDEO. We help large organisations engage their people and networks in creative problem-solving online.


Markets are changing faster than they ever have before. To stay competitive, organisations today need to collaborate across disciplines, locations and hierarchies to create the best solutions, faster.


Some of our clients

DfID has traditionally used competition as a driver for innovation, now the intention is to form interesting collaborations.

UK’s Department for International Development (DfID)

Our cabin crew interact with passengers every day – so they know better than anyone what their needs are and how we might meet them better.

Head of Catering

OI Engine facilitates collaboration among diverse personnel within organisations and affords a more interdisciplinary approach.


President & CEO, IDEO

Users have come back to us and said “my idea didn’t win but I really feel like I learned so much that I’ve improved my idea”. The participation itself has great benefits.


Executive director of

Our first challenge led to a seven percent increase in customer satisfaction with regard to meal choices.

HEAD OF CONsumer insights

Global Airline

I love how everyone is included in the conversation. Often inspiration comes from unexpected voices and others will rally around these to collaborate. Before you know it, there’s a game-changing idea.


Professor, NYU 

I think the process that we used will actually disrupt research at business schools.



It's amazing what this has done for my career. 

Leigh Cullen

Challenge Participant, OpenIDEO

It is so much more efficient, so much more powerful than the normal academic method that I will never do that again, now every time I do research I will do crowdsourcing from our alumni.



The three of us have spent the last nine months researching innovations in sanitation. Within two weeks the OpenIDEO community had surfaced everything that took us nearly a year to find.



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